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Sensory activities are a great way to teach your children about a number of different things – from numbers and letters, to colours and animals. They are also a fantastic way to let your child explore all of their senses, especially touch.
Hearing loss can be debilitating – you can lose the ability to communicate with friends and family, find it harder to access certain services, and feel your self-confidence fall drastically.
Hearing loss can come in many different forms, and affect people in many different ways; it’s an affliction that has an effect on approximately 3.6 Australians – that’s around 14.5% of the population.
As an accredited Medical Deputising Service, we are tasked with providing continuity of care to patients in the absence of their normal GP. This is especially important for residents of Aged Care Facilities, due to their often complex health issues and the need to communicate clearly across the clinical team that attend each resident.
If one of your residents requires an after-hours doctor, please book as early as possible in the day. While our doctor’s rounds continue to start at the beginning of the after-hours period, your staff are now able to place a fax or phone booking at any time throughout the day.