Agedcare Facility – Medication Management Systems

As an accredited Medical Deputising Service, we are tasked with providing continuity of care to patients in the absence of their normal GP. This is especially important for residents of Aged Care Facilities, due to their often complex health issues and the need to communicate clearly across the clinical team that attend each resident.

The introduction of Medi-Map, the BESTmed/BESTdoctor suite and other similar systems, places a significant and additional administrative burden on our doctors, who already currently complete statutory reports for the resident’s regular GP along with entering electronic progress notes at a majority of the sites that we attend.

Medi-Map is one of several electronic prescribing and medication charting tools now being encountered by our doctors at an increasing number of Aged Care facilities. The platform has been adopted by a large number of sites in South Australia, and is now being progressively rolled out in other states.

13SICK, National Home Doctor commenced a program of assisting our workforce to access Medi-Map several months ago with doctors in South Australia receiving appropriate access and training on the platform. This program is currently being extended to our doctor workforce nationally.

Agreement was recently reached with Medi-Map to enable integration between their platform and the software used by our doctors. This improvement, scheduled for introduction early in 2020, will both significantly reduce the time spent on administration and contribute to removing the likelihood of keying errors while entering notes across multiple systems.

We’re excited by the benefits brought by the co-operation with Medi-Map and continue to actively assess opportunities on similar systems to improve access, reduce the potential for errors and improve overall patient care.