Enjoy the glowing days of your pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a rough time for mothers. There’s the morning sickness, the aching back, the puffy ankles, the extreme fatigue, and the many, many side effects of having a little one growing inside you.

However, many mothers are so fixated on the negative aspects of pregnancy that they fail to enjoy the many wonderful things about being pregnant.

The wonders of pregnancy

During the last few months of your pregnancy, you may find yourself wishing that the baby would just come already. You’re tired, you’re achy, and you want nothing more than to sleep without something heavy pressing on your bladder.

But, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy your pregnancy. Remember, it’s not just the destination the delivery but the journey of pregnancy is also wonderful and enjoyable.

We asked a few mothers for comments, and they were happy to share.

One mum, Abi, said that she loved being pregnant. “In fact, I actually miss it sometimes, and I miss the closeness I had to my babies,” said Abi. “When I was pregnant, I felt strong, healthy and that my body was doing exactly what it was meant to do. It felt so natural, and because I had such good pregnancies, I felt at my physical peak. And I loved how my tummy looked – rounded and perfect.”

Another mum, Caylie, said that she loved her body during pregnancy. “I didn’t care about my hips or thighs – all I saw was the beauty of my belly. I have never felt more physically attractive as when I was pregnant! Wish it lasted!”

For Cassie, it was the feeling of approval that she got from everyone she met that made her pregnancy such a wonderful time. “I have never in my life felt such approval from the outside world. When you are pregnant, people say nice things to you in the street like ‘well-done sister! Also it made my husband very proud and happy.”

How to enjoy your pregnancy

The fact that the baby is almost born means you need to find a way to enjoy your last few days or weeks of pregnancy. Here are some things you can do to record the special moments:

  • Keep a journal. In the book, record your thoughts and feelings all the way up until you go into labor. It’s great to be able to look back later.

  • Take a pregnancy photo. You know you want to, and you’ll look great!

  • Spoil yourself. Pamper yourself by taking the time out for a manicure/pedicure or a spa treatment

  • Have time with friends. Grab a meal with your closest friends, and enjoy the stress-free life you can lead in the final days of pregnancy.

  • Sleep. Yes, it may be easier said than done, but you’ll find that catching a nap is one of the best ways to enjoy a lazy afternoon with no responsibilities. You’ll have plenty to do once the little one arrives.

Make the most of these final days of pregnancy, and you will look forward to the next time around!