Opportunities for General Practitioners (GPs)

Some of our doctors have worked for us for 20+ years and are fully qualified GP's. At this level, they are the backbone of our service, often taking on the roles of mentors to our younger Doctors. We offer:

· Opportunities for career advancements including our doctor leadership group and Medical Director positions

·  A different perspective visiting patients in their homes and aged care facilities

·  Easy sign up process, minimal paperwork and specialist recruitment

·  The ability to utilise innovative technology to see patients using the GP App


The work can be surprising sometimes. This is one of the more rewarding aspects of the job. The demographic between the patients you see in the clinic during the day and those you see after hours is usually quite different too, which adds to the diversity of your experience, and makes for a better, more well-rounded Doctor.
Dr Jomini Cheong, MBBS, BPHARM, BCOM