Meeting a real need in the community

  • After hours care for over one million patients each year
  • Bulk billed service
  • Reducing pressure on hospital Emergency Departments

This year, our 800 doctors will treat over one million patients around Australia, providing the highest quality care in the after hours for acute, episodic illness and injury.

Working with National Home Doctor Service will hone your skills in urgent care medicine. You’ll be helping some of the most vulnerable patients in our society, with our bulk billed service accessible to everyone.

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Play a critical role in urgent care medicine

After hours home visits are becoming increasingly important in the medical landscape in Australia. This is due to Government initiatives to improve options for patients in the after hours and reduce pressure on ED departments.

Reducing pressure on the hospital system 

Those of you who have worked in hospital EDs will know the unnecessary burden placed on ED staff by low acuity presentations. It is much better for the patients and the system that these urgent but not critical cases are seen at home, rather than have patients sit for hours in the hospital waiting room, often in discomfort or pain. Our patient research shows that without the service National Home Doctor provides, more than 40% of our patients would have gone to the ED.

Supporting GPs after hours

National Home Doctor Service works closely with the family GP to provide medical services when Practices are closed.  With every home visit, a patient report is filed and sent to the patient’s nominated GP the following day, ensuring continuity of care. GPs can also file ‘special patient instructions’ with us, giving our Doctors treatment guidelines to follow for particular patients.    

Feedback from patients

An important feature of our service is the feedback we seek from patients after every visit. This feedback helps inform our CPD sessions and all our systems and procedures. It allows us to continually improve the quality of our service, and enables our Doctors to develop their clinical and professional practice. 

The vast majority of feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. Time and time again patients write to say how grateful they are, and how wonderful the Doctor was. This proves to us we are meeting a real need in the community, and provides a great deal of job satisfaction, not only to our team of Doctors but to the wider team at National Home Doctor Service.

'Round the clock' Medicare - a policy success

In 2005 the Federal Government increased the Medicare Benefits Schedule rebate for after hours doctor home visits, with the aim of reducing pressure on Emergency Departments and ambulance services. A recent report from Deloitte Access Economics shows that due to these initiatives, low acuity presentations to EDs have declined by 7%, representing significant savings to the health care system. 

In addition to the economic benefits of home visits within the Australian health care landscape, the service supports better patient outcomes through timely treatment, particularly for the elderly, families with  young children and those living with disabilities. 

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