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Introducing the new 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service App. The new App is the smart way to book an after hours, doctor home visit for you or your family.

• The App makes booking a doctor home visit more efficient

• With the App you can bypass the 13SICK call centre queue, which can get busy during times of peak demand.

• The App also allows you to securely and confidently store your details for future reference

Better for patients 

Developed in consultation with a team of 13SICK’s senior Doctors, the new App reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the best service for our patients. The checklist of symptoms has been developed to the highest clinical standards, referencing triaging protocols from the Mayo Clinic in the USA and the Australian Government’s Health Direct. 

Best of all, the App will help relieve some of the stress association with illness in the after hours. Booking through the App can save you time - and save waiting on the phone, particularly during busy periods. 

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Frequently asked questions

I already have the 'Home Doctor' App on my phone. Will it update?

If you have automatic App Store updates switched on, you will already have the new App. If not, you’ll need to manually update the App by visiting the App Store. 

Can I still call 13SICK?

Yes of course. We recognise that for many patients, a phone call and speaking to someone is the preferable option. You can call 13SICK from 6pm weekdays and 12pm Saturdays.

How safe is my information on the App?

The App has been developed with world’s best practice security and identity protection. You can rest assured your personal information is safe and secure. View our Privacy Policy to read more.of course. 

Why have you developed an App?

A lot of people prefer to engage with services using their mobile devices and many of our patients asked us for an alternative to telephone bookings. The new App offers a streamlined, efficient and secure way for patients and carers who need to access urgent medical care after hours. It is also a helpful alternative during peak periods when the 13SICK telephone lines are under pressure and wait times are greater.

Why do you need the name of my GP?

The App will ask you for the name of your regular GP because after every home visit, National Home Doctor Service sends a medical report to them. This ensures continuity of care, and keeps your GP, who is responsible for your ongoing health, up-to-date. To help you find your GP Practice, the App has a useful map function which identifies all the GP Practices in your area. 

Will the App save all my details?

Yes. As soon as you download the App you will be able to enter and save your personal details. These will be stored so that when you need an urgent after hours doctor home visit, you can begin the booking process straight away.

What is the difference between urgent and routine care?

Urgent care is when you or someone in your care needs to see a doctor and it can’t wait. If your GP was open you would be seeing them the same day. Routine medical care is when you need to see a doctor for your ongoing health care, for example, a prescription repeat or a vaccination. Routine matters are best handled by your GP.